Innovation Fuels DYFNZ

Networking, security, and technology in general, have been in my life since the early 1980s.  Every job I’ve ever had, in some form, was technology-based.  It started with IBM mainframes at OC Tanner then quickly turned to networking as I transitioned to Bay Area companies.  Some of those companies grew so fast we were able to take them public on the NASDAQ (Initial Public Offering).  Living and working through this time period gave me a unique perspective about how ideas are formed into products and then companies.  This next chapter in my career is to bring all that I’ve learned into a single entity.

Building products and companies has been done a million different ways.  By far the most important thing is to surround yourself with people better than you are.    This, of course, is my opinion and it served me well.  I’ve had great leaders from my past companies ask me to join their companies.  I’m incredibly humbled by this and work every day to pay that forward.   Cameron Steadman asked me to join DYFNZ to help lead the company into our shared vision.  Cameron and I worked together at our previous employer.  As such many of our ideas for the perfect company are complimentary.   

We took a hard look at where security technologies today are missing the mark and who is most vulnerable.  I think we can all agree the middle market is most vulnerable.  Large companies can afford the best products to prevent intrusion and achieve a level of safety.  In addition, these companies can afford the high salaries of engineering staff to effectively configure and operate these products.

Finding great new products that solve many of the challenges at a price point that the middle market can afford is squarely in our wheelhouse.  Many of these products are in stealth mode but visible to us.  My work in the investment world as a technical advisor has opened doors to these products and the companies creating them.  Emerging products can be very effective since the need for the product and product rollout are as close as they will ever be. With this said, products alone cannot solve the security and visibility problem for the middle market.  Adding managed services to great emerging products provides context to highly technical data.  Managed services make these products easier to deploy and highly effective at identifying risks and vulnerabilities.  The data is then delivered in an easy to consume format where the customer can choose what path to take. These products are often cost-effective because they are new and need a footprint.  Getting in on the ground floor is an efficient strategy to increase the overall security posture.   

Established companies and products are also an important component, however, they tend to be expensive to purchase and operate.  Our relationships can bring top-shelf products to the middle market at reduced prices.  Top-shelf products are typically complex requiring trained and certified engineers to operate. Many companies in the middle market are priced out because of the salary burden these trained engineers require. DYFNZ Managed Services provides the engineering expertise and automation needed to deliver consumable data that businesses can act upon.  Effectively, DYFNZ becomes an extension of your business.  By sharing our resources with several customers, we can lower the cost burden for all.     

DYFNZ provides decades of experience on how to bring services and products to market in a way that the customer can consume without breaking the bank.  We will always be looking for new and innovative products and ways to deploy as-a-service.  Right now, we see a large gap in the middle market for security.  We have the services and products to fill that gap today.   

Kevin Kay 

Chief Executive Officer – DYFNZ 

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